Alexithymia and Interoception

Book cover with diagram on it. Title: Interoception: The Eighth Sensory System. Show a picture of human anatomy, organs, and labels to each organ, heart rate, breathing rate, nausea, social touch, sexual arousal, need for the restroom, pain, muscle tension, itch. Pointing to the brain, it is labeled anger, embarrassment, fear, happiness, excitement, and at the throat is labeled thirst. Rest of book title at the bottom: Practical solutions for improving self-regulation, self-awareness, and social understanding. Written by Kelly Mahler, MS, OTR/L, Foreword by A.D. "Bud" Craig, PhD

When I realized that wearing headphones had helped me with anxiety in multiple ways/multiple places, I tried to check in with my sensory environment at least every few hours every day. Setting a reminder might help. Here are some pragmatic things I check to determine my emotional state:

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