Diagrams/Flow Charts

These are flowcharts I’ve made to try to explain certain things. Feel free to use them or modify them as needed, as long as you keep the twitter handle in there. If you’d like to edit them to make your own version, just contact me and I can send you a google doc link.

How to Talk (why talking is hard):
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More Explanation about FlowChart Colors (the outcomes are in red, everything else is yellow besides “Think of something” and “Smile and Nod”)

Small Talk: Good or Bad (why small talk is hard):
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Alexithymia (why understanding emotions is hard):

Neurotypical column on the left with one picture, and an autistic person column on the right with 3 pictures. Neurotypical person box: A text box that says "High heart rate, sweaty hands, shaky voice." Arrow points from text to a person's head and the person says "Jeez. I'm really nervous." Autistic person column, Step 1, Unsure: Same picture but a large red X saying "Alexithymia" over the arrow pointing to the head, with a person thinking "I don't know." Step 2, Investigate: Same picture. Person is thinking "Are my palms sweaty? What's my pulse rate?" Step 3, Assess: Same picture, but an additional arrow points from the person's head back to the box with physical states, which says "Conscious Monitoring." Person thinks "Yes and 120 bpm. Oh I must be anxious!".

The Demand to Anxiety Cycle (Or why Anxiety Looks Like Anger):

Title: The Demand to Anxiety Cycle. 8 boxes in a circle with arrows going to clockwise, and one box in the center. Box1, starting at noon on a clock: Child receives a demand/task that makes them anxious and stressed. Box2: Child complains to parent, “Why do I have to do this? It doesn’t make any sense.” Box3: Parent perceives child as rude, trying to get out of event.. Box4: Parent says “You need to go because that’s what people do.” Box5: Child gets more anxious and frustrated as that does not answer their question. Arrow going up to another box in the center, BoxA: Eventually leads to meltdown/shutdown by child, crying/frustration. Box6: Child says “It’s so absurd! Why do I have to do that? It’s not fair.” Box7: Parent thinks child is definitely trying to get out of the event, doesn’t perceive this as anxiety. Box8: Parent gets more frustrated, tells the child they are going. “You’re going because I said so. Can you stop complaining?” Goes to Box1 again. Box1 has an arrow pointing down to BoxA in the center.