About Me

Writer, Consultant, Researcher, and Speaker

White person at the beach slightly smiling with blond short hair in front of their face, blue eyes, glasses, a navy blue shirt, and grey headphones around their neck. Frothy ocean waves and sand in background.

Ira Kraemer is an autistic self-advocate with a Masters in Neuroscience. They have spent the last six years learning about themselves as an autistic person and learning from others in the autistic and disability community. They currently give informative talks, consult on research, write about autism, and educate parents and professionals on accommodating and understanding autistic people.

Consulting Experience

  • Consulted on research investigating the intersection of autism, gender and parental acceptance
  • Sensitivity reader for autistic and trans characters
  • Consulted on autism, gender, and experiences in physical education
  • Consulted on a grant proposal for autism research
  • Panelist for a Speech Language Pathology classroom

Consulting I am interested in pursuing:

  • Autism representation in media and entertainment (if you are interested in this service and want to know more, please see my review on recent media)
  • Consulting within the workplace and increasing understanding for non-autistic employees about autistic people’s communication styles, sensory needs, and more.
  • Consulting for companies to make their culture more inclusive for autistic people.


Member of President’s Commission on Disability Issues Student Advisory Group. UMD. 2019-2021.

Member of Neuroclastic Advisory Board. 2018-2021.

Moderator for several Facebook groups, including autistic peer support, and parents of autistic kids learning from autistic adults.

Consultant Research

Consultant for research study. 2021. The Influence of Perceived Parental Acceptance of Gender-diverse Identity Among Autistic Individuals on Quality of Life.

Consultant for research study. 2021. Experiences of Disabled Transgender/Nonbinary People in Physical Education.