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Blog Update

This is mostly an update for people who follow my blog - I've been writing posts with The Neuroclastic for the last few weeks. I will likely still post things on here as well, depending on the topic. I'm currently working on a post regarding autistic people's misdiagnoses, which will likely take more time. I … Continue reading Blog Update

The Neurotypical Autism Diagnosis

The Neurotypical Autism Diagnosis

Imagine that someone is colorblind, yet they have the job of identifying and detecting colors, and everyone around them thinks they are doing a great job getting all of the colors right. There's no oversight or check by someone who sees in color. No one even thinks twice about it really. Imagine those people being … Continue reading The Neurotypical Autism Diagnosis

Schools Don’t Care about Disabled Students

I want to know why my school doesn't care about disabled students. 

I wish I had cared sooner. 

We’ll see how this goes.

I'm a late-diagnosed autistic grad student. I'm not actually sure how this whole blogging thing works but I figured I'd give it a try. Topics I'll likely be talking about - masking, sensory issues (particularly auditory sensitivity), empathy (cognitive and affective empathy), and non-autistic people's underlying subconscious social processing that creates misunderstandings of autistic body … Continue reading We’ll see how this goes.