Blog Update

This is mostly an update for people who follow my blog – I’ve been writing posts with The Neuroclastic for the last few weeks. I will likely still post things on here as well, depending on the topic. I’m currently working on a post regarding autistic people’s misdiagnoses, which will likely take more time. I am still collating quotes from so many autistic people who graciously shared their experiences with me.

My posts on The Neuroclastic can be found here.

I also uploaded my presentation about being autistic in the workplace:

4 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. I just found you on the Internet. I’m 74. And a half. I was finally diagnosed as ADD and autistic when I was 66. Upon which my brain said, “Oh thank God, we can stop trying to figure out earthlings. They don’t make any sense.” After that, I was able to recognize their fear and lack of intelligent, independent thought, and I did the best I could to uplift them and help them discover their skills and gifts and free them from thinking they had to fit in with the brainless majority. I’ve had 11 lifetimes of education, careers, and experience. I’ve been a physicist, mathematician, program analyst for a state government, chiropractic physician, university instructor of math and physics, and agricultural researcher. In all of it, I quietly, autistically, got the job done rather than spend time playing power games. But my co-workers assumed everyone had an angle and, if they couldn’t figure out what mine was, I must be really tricky. Oh, well.

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    1. Lol. Yea, I think some specific people always think there are ill intentions happening because of the way they interpret autistic body language.

      That reminds me of this book! A Field Guide to Earthlings: An autistic/Asperger view of neurotypical behavior by Ian Ford. It was pretty helpful for me understanding non-autistic people!


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